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Inspired & Passionate Travelers

We, here at Vietnam motor bike tour are more than happy to notice the increased interest in motorbike tours in our beautiful country by more and more visitors. We’ve been riding motorbikes since we’re kids, and that continued into adulthood when we fell in love with our country and decided to mount our dear visitors on top of our favourite rides and guide them to the most amazing sights and times of their time here in Vietnam.

Vietnam motor bike tour as a name is new, but the riders, our guides, the culture of touring the country on a motorbike is older than the oldest motorbikes we have. We know our bikes from the smallest screw to best of tricks, and we used the same principle to build up our tours as well. We can advise on the type of bike to take, the best routes for your chosen season, set you up with GPS and maps and connect you to homestays, camping grounds, mechanics, so that everything you might need is at the end of your fingertips.

Regardless if you want a totally independent adventure or a guided tour from North to South, we got you covered.

Why Vietnam

Inspired & Passionate Travelers

If you haven’t heard yet, it’s one of the most diverse and most breathtaking countries to ride through. Thousands of tourists flock here from around the world to see its inredible variety and wonders.

Wether you like:

Endless curvy mountain roads with amazingly beautiful rice fields as far as the eye can see, or
you want to spend a whole week riding along on roads following stunning sea shores for hundreds of kilometers
or perhaps you fancy a dirt bike adventure on top of desert sand dunes
a ride into the sunset in the world famous Mekong delta
.. we really do have it all!

Why Us

Journeys worth taking

Passion – Because we’re passionate about our country, passionate about motorbikes and more than anything else, we want to give you an unforgettable experience.

Customisation – With just a handful of bikes we can make sure everyone gets the best experience possible with the largest amount of customisation any other tour company can give. We don’t even want to be the biggest, what we want is to be able to give you the biggest adventure you’ll have here.

Guides – Our tour guides are well versed with our roads, routes, and most importantly they understand the needs of foreign visitors looking to get an authentic experience with a twist of thrill. We invest in our guides’ learning just as much as we invest in the quality of our bikes. They are guides, hosts, mechanics, translators and hopefully future friends of yours.

Why Our Tours

Journeys worth taking

For the explorer types: because we will take you to all those amazing places you’ve read about. We have a good set of tours to the most frequented and amazing destinations in the country.

For the adventurers: because we don’t mind getting our feet dirty and riding off the beaten path, looking for new hidden places to visit. Don’t feel like following the crowd? Not a problem, we’re happy to discover new places with you, or show you hidden corners you normally wouldn’t find.

We understand any needs from backpacker to boutique travelers, and we strive to offer you the best value for your money based on your own specifications. Feel free to drop by and talk to us and we’ll make sure to offer you a tour and a price you can’t say no to!

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